Xignum AerospaceWhat is Xignum?

Xignum is a powerful and highly configurable tool to enable or support all your company processes and to manage all your company and project data in a single user interface. Use Xignum to define, retrieve, edit and interlink your data and processes with a single way of working. Trace the history of change. And achieve high levels of quality at low cost and low impact to your team.

  • Xignum is the only tool on the market that allows to easily and completely configure, to your needs, its functionality, user interfa­ce and interaction with third party tools and equipment. Its range of application is therefo­re broad. Xignum covers engineering (design, certification, etc.), production, inventory, ma­intenance, finance and project management, meeting essentially any process, data mana­gement or report production need you may have. Certification to ISO/EN/AS standards becomes straightforward.
  • Furthermore, Xignum serves as your central hub to access and link the various tools and databases you already may have in place. In this way you can have a “soft transition” from where you are now to a fully process-based way of working with a single point of data entry. End inconsistency and secure full traceability.




  • One set of data, in one place, always up to date, with no double data entry
  • Automated process of document creation using templates defined by the user
  • Traceability of all data changes, decisions, lessons learned
  • Implementation of internal and external stan¬dards, definitions and procedures
  • View, interrelate and analyze data created in other applications (e.g. DOORS, Excel)
  • Diagram views clearly visualizing complex system interdependencies
  • Teamwork functionalities, flexible definitions of access levels to data


What is Xignum Aerospace?

To meet the high demands of product lifecycle management in the aerospace sector, Xignum developed and case-tested its Aerospace implementation.

Xignum Aerospace (XAS) supports process -based system engineering and configuration management throughout the product lifecyc­le. It helps with the management of product structure, requirements and verification, do­cumentation, inventory, other configuration data and workflows during the phases of design, production, integration, verification, operations and maintenance. As any Xignum application, the tool can be tailored to your needs. It has however been pre-configured and case- tested to enable also small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the stric­test design standards and internal company procedures (incl. ISO/EN/AS 9100, ED-79/ARP- 4754, ECSS, MAN-GPQ).

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