Rafal GraczykRafal has 7 years of experience in designing satellite systems electronics with focus on imagining data acquisition, on-board data processing and control hardware and power subsystems.

Amongst his recent achievements was the granting of a patent for effective architecture of FPGA / ASIC based high speed data acquisition systems for airborne and space-borne imaging systems, and 1st prize in Airbus Defence & Space (EADS Astrium) competition for best PhD thesis proposal: “Dependable space equipment implementing dynamic partial reconfiguration of FPGA devices”.

He has worked as Project manager / Systems Engineer / Electronics Specialist, designing very high speed data acquisition systems for hyper-spectral imaging, lead team developing and supporting on board computers and power systems for two first polish scientific satellites (BRITE-PL project).

He is currently leading work on payload data processing system for large space-borne systems. His past work includes designing and assembling engineering, qualification and flight models of Stepper Motor Driver for YES2 satellite.

Rafal is currently in Warsaw, Poland.

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