Dr James KassDr James Kass started his career as a physicist. Following research in Nuclear physics, he worked in Neurophysiology, Space Medicine, Human Spaceflight, Operations, Telemedicine, Applied Human Sciences, Behavioural Psychology, Knowledge Management, and Data Privacy.

This wide background allows him to analyse problems and investigate needs in a holistic manner taking into account the various complex inter-related issues often arising from very different domains that usually surround a situation. A broad system approach to designing solutions is facilitated by the wealth of experience garnered along his multi-disciplinary professional career.

Much of his work revolved around the domain of human spaceflight, where he carried out scientific research, designed experiments and payloads, performed safety analyses and tests, wrote crew procedures, and was responsible for crew training and space operations.

His space career also encompassed satellite-related applications, as member of a DG Task Force to set up an Integrated Applications Promotion program for the European Space Agency (ESA). Telemedicine, eHealth and Knowledge Management are also part of his broad experience, spin-offs from space-related activities, where he worked with governmental and inter-governmental agencies (such as WHO, ITU, EC, ESA), and international working groups. He also served as expert for the EC in diverse fields, such as Telemedicine, Data Privacy and Conflict Resolution.

He has worked in the domain of knowledge management, analysing the multitude of tools used by ESA. He also set up a Lessons Learned System at the European Space. He currently works with Xignum and Delta-Utec on process-, project, and configuration management solutions.

Dr Kass runs his own consultancy, James R Kass Space Consultancy, where further information about him may be found.

LinkedIn: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/jameskass

ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/James_Kass